Hello my friends, today we gonna know top 10 websites to learn programming languages for free in 2018. If you are tired of searching websites to learn programming languages for free then you are in the right place to know about those free websites. There are many websites which provide free course but today we gonna cover top 10 free websites for learning programming .ok let’s know about those websites.


Codecademy is an online intuitive stage which offers free coding classes in 12 diverse programming languages including python, java, javascript, rakish, react.js, ruby, SQL, and Sass, and in addition markup languages in HTML and CSS. Codec Academy was established in August 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Buubinski from Colombia University, Sim left to center around propelling an undertaking, and Bubkinski moved on from Columbia in 2011. The stage gives courses to take the charge line and Git. By January 2014, the site had in excess of 24 million clients who finished in excess of 100 million exercises.

link: codecademy


FreeCodeCamp is a non-institutional institution that is an interactive knowledge web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, medium publications, and local institutions, in which the objective of teaching web development is for anyone. Students starting with tutorials introduce to HTML, CSS, and Javascript, students progress in assignment projects that they should complete by one or a couple.


Coders are a community of developers, which were called Code Warriors (or only Warriors), train them to improve their development skills. Think of this coding dojo – where developers train each other and help each other well practice them.
Each time you complete a challenge, solutions will be shown to you. This is a wonderful way to learn.
link: codewars

The Odin Project:-

Odin project is an open source community and is a course for learning web development. Students and complete lessons of Audit Project Build Portfolio projects, which are updated with continuous curate and links to relevant resources. It provides the course of:-

  • Ruby programming
  • Sinatra
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL
  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript and Jquery



It is a technology company that focuses on the competitive programming challenge for both users and businesses, where developers compete by programming according to program specifications. It’s programming challenges can be solved in various programming languages (including Java, C ++, PHP, Python, SQL, Javascript) and many computer science domains.

link: HackerRank


Codefights is an American technology company that applies for both directorial and recruitment purposes for game mechanics for online directors and programming challenges . In November 2016, Codefights has reported that it has 500,000 registered users, most of are from the United States.
Codefight supports 32 different coding languages on the platform. However, all tasks on the site cannot be solved by using a language based on the challenge type.




edx is a large open online course provider. It hosts online university-level courses in various types of topics worldwide, with no fees. We can learn different programming languages without paying any penny. It’s giving the opportunity to us for learning different programming languages.
link:  edx


UpSkill is also a free online course provider, It includes the course of WordPress Plugins Development, WordPress Best Practice, JavaScript Master, HTML5 and CSS3, PHP and MySQL, Node.js, React, Angular 2.0, Backbone, Ruby and others.

link: UpSkills


Khan Academy:-

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization, in 2006, Salman Khan has made a goal to make a set through online. Salman Amin Khan is an American teacher and entrepreneur who is the founder of Khan Academy, which is a free online education platform.Many people have joined there to learn for free without paying any penny.

link: Khan Academy

MIT Open Courseware:-

MIT Open CourseWare is often a web-based publication of all MIT course content. The Open courseware is open to the world and is available and has permanent MIT activity. Some courses include interactive web shows in Java, complete written textbooks and streaming video lectures by MIT professors. According to December 2015, 80 courses included complete video lectures. Videos were available in streaming mode, videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing