A penetration testing Linux distribution is basically Distro that has pre-installed tools in its top of the main distros. These Linux-distributions are to be used by Penetration Testers. If you really want to be in the field of ethical hacking and Searching for what distro to use.Congratulations! You have landed in a right place. Today, I present to you 4 of the best Pentesting Distros that you should give a try

1.Kali Linux:


Back in 2006, Offensive Security Released a Pentesting OS Named as Backtrack which was later Renamed to Kali Linux in 2013. This OS is based on Debian and comes with pre-installed tools for every field such as Social engineering, Reverse Engineering and so on. This OS is packed with a Live boot on forensic mode which comes handy to do some open source forensic job. Kali comes with GNOME desktop environment by default but we can Download the XFCE, KDE or LXDE version from the official site.

Download Kali Linux From:


2.Parrot OS:


Parrot Security OS(Parrot OS in short) is a Debian-based distro that comes with Mate Desktop Environment. It was developed by Frozen-box back in the year 2013 and pre-installed tools for easing out Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensics, etc and helps in anonymizing since it is pre-built with AnonSurf. The OS also uses the Kali Linux Repo for Updating the tools.

Download Parrot OS from:




Blackarch is another Penetration Testing distribution Based on Arch Linux intended for Penetration Testers and Security Researchers.

Its Repo Contains a Total of 1981 tools. This highly customizable hacking operating system also comes with a strong community support.

Download BlackArch from :




Blackbuntu is an Ubuntu-based operating system developed which has just installed tools for Ethical Hacking on top of Ubuntu.It comes with a wide range of security analysis tools that help you in web application analysis, network analysis etc. This fast and easy to use hackers’ favorite Linux distro comes with a complete desktop environment. The software repos of the hacking tools in this hacking operating system are regularly updated with the most stable versions.

Download Blackbuntu from :