Hey, Are You Looking For Note 5 Custom ROM? Then Here You will get what are you searching for.

In This Post, I will give you custom Rom For Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This ROM Is Awesome. It will change your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Into Samsung Galaxy S8. Which Will Make You Feel Rich without wasting more money To Buy Samsung Galaxy S8. So, Read This Post From First To last For Full Details.

What Is Custom ROM?

What Is Custom ROM
What Is Custom ROM

The term ROM, which stands for reading Only Memory (ROM) and really has very little to do with what a custom Android ROM actually is, can be confusing. A custom Android ROM refers to a phone’s firmware, based on Google’s Android platform. Android is open source and therefore any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and re-released for a wide variety of devices. Users can install ROMs to change a device’s appearance and behavior. Custom Roms are the type of the ROM Which will make your Android Look Rich and Increase your performance etc.

Advantages Of Custom ROM:

So, Here let’s talk about Advantages Of Custom ROM.

  • Custom Rom Will Help You Increase In Performances.
  • It Will Also Increase Your Android Battery Life.
  • Custom Rom Customizes Your Android Phone To look Rich.
  • Custom Rom Updates Your Android Phones.
  • Change In Using Technique.

Disadvantages Of Custom ROM:

So, Here Lest Talk About Some Disadvantages Of Custom ROM. because Where There is Some Thing Advantage then there is also Some Disadvantages.

  • Higher risk of bugs since the ROMs get a lot less testing than official ones.
  • Updates may come later because you have to wait for a custom packaging of the update.
  • Not all custom ROMs are updatable; you might need to replace it with a new version which means you’ll lose all your data.
  • Turning off the policy system increases your risk of malware if you arent’ careful what you install.
  • Custom ROMs may have malware built in (not saying any of them do, but it’s a risk).

How To Get Note 5 Custom Rom?

So Here Are Some Steps and Video To Get Note 5 Custom Rom. Follow These Steps Then You Will Get S8 Rom On Your Note 5.

Download Note 5 Custom Rom

Download KhongLoi ROM V5

Download KhongLoi Kernel V5

Download KhongLoi ROM V4

Download T-Mobile/Canadian LTE/Voice fix (ONLY for T-Mobile or Canadian models or Note 5 or S6 Edge+)

Download TWRP Note 5

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 T-Mobile SM-N920T

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 Sprint SM-N920P

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 Canadian SM-N920W8

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 US Cellular SM-N920R4

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 Chinese SM-N9200 or SM-N9208

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 Korean SM-N920K, SM-N920L,  SM-N920S

Download TWRP for Galaxy Note 5 International SM-N920C, SM-N920CD, SM-N920G, SM-N920I

*Note – DO NOT INSTALL CWM or TWRP if you have AT&T SM-N920A or Verizon Note 5 SM-N920V as they have locked bootloaders!!!

Watch This Video And Install Note 5 Custom Rom.