Micromax A106 Flash File Stock ROM (Flash File)

Hello, Guys today in this article I am providing you guys how to install the micromax a106 flash file Stock ROM. This article will help you to install the stock ROM on the Micromax a106 so that you can use the your Micromax phone again as a factory version. You guys might have various problems on your phone so that you guys want to install rom on your phone.

so, after reading this article you will be able to install the stock ROM on your Micromax a106 phone. As you know guys everybody can’t afford going to the market for installing the room so that this article will help you to install the room on your Micromax phone by yourself you so you don’t have to pay for the Rom in the market.

Installing ROM is not much harder than we expect but It need some ideas to install. so from this article you will be able to get that Idea.

Installing the Rom on the Micromax a106 phone  without any idea can cause hard brick. so, we need some idea to install the room to get it as factory version.

Why should we install micromax a106 flash file

  • After getting phone bricked.
  • After installing some third party apps which may cause serious problems.
  • For getting a new UI experience.
  • To Get rid out of hanging problems.
  • When system crashes without any reason.
  • when we install custom ROM.

Disadvantages of installing micromax a106 flash file

There are no any disadvantages for installing the stock ROM on any Android phone because Most of the cases installing the stock ROM can also fix various problems regarding the system issue as well as the crases. So, I think installing the stock Rom is the best method for making the phone back to the factory version.

How to install micromax a106 flash file

So basically installing the stock ROM on the Micromax A 106 phone is much easier than installing on other phone. You need some special software for installing the rom on Micromax A 106 phone. So which is article you will be able to learn which software is the best software for installing the stock ROM on the Micromax A 106 phone.

  1. Click the link below and download the software which called as a flash on exe and download it on your PC and after downloading extract using 7zip or Z achiever whatever you have.
micromax a106 flash file
micromax a106 flash file

2. Now after downloading it you need to open the flashlight exe apps/software.

micromax a106 flash file
3. Power off your phone and let it be totally switch off.

4. After switching off your phone you need to connect your phone using data cable to your PC.

5. Now you can see your phone on the flash exe software and you need to load some scatter file as I have provided the scatter file below you can click on the link and download it from there.

micromax a106 flash file
6. Uploading files need to click on the download button to install the scatter file as well as stock ROM on the phone.

micromax a106 flash file

File Name :-

Size :- 789 MB

DOWNLOAD :- Click Here to download

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